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Nets are available 7 days a week across the country. Here is a small list of a few here in the area.

Paulding County Amateur Radio Club

Tuesday 8:00 PM

146.895 + PL 77

224.88 – PL77

Southeastern Linked Repeater net

Wednesday 9:00 PM

146.895 + PL 77

224.88 – PL77

West Georgia Amateur Radio Society

Monday 8:00 PM

146.64 –  131.8 PL  repeater Carrollton


CQ CQ CQ This is (Your Call). My name is (Your Name) and I’ll be your net control station for tonight’s Paulding amateur radio club weekly net,
This net meets every Tuesday night at 8:00 pm on 146.895 + 77 hz repeater and the 224.88 – 77 hz repeater plus 204451 echolink node.

The purpose of this net is to provide amateur radio operators in this area a chance to exchange news and information about ham radio as well as keep in touch with fellow hams in the area.

Before we begin we’ll pause for any stations with emergency or priority traffic. Any station with emergency or priority traffic please call now. [Deal with any traffic as needed]
For those unfamiliar with the format of our net, we take a round of check-ins and then call down the roster inviting stations who checked in to tell us about their weekend, list swap shop items, make announcements,or tell us whatever is on their mind. Stations checking in as short time or announcing “no comments for the net” will not be called upon.

Stations wishing to check in please give your call sign normally then phonetically using standard phonetics followed by your location. We will now begin taking check-ins from any mobile, portable, echolink  or short time stations. Mobile, portable, echolink  and short-time stations please call now. [Announce check-ins, and call again until no more]
Hearing no more stations I will now begin normal check-ins …
Any  calls, any prefix, please call now. [Acknowledge check-ins and repeat until no more stations call].
We will now go to the comment portion of the net, [Check your list to see if you have anyone listed and poll stations now].
We will now take a pause for any other stations wishing to check in to the net please call now. [Afterward poll the stations for comments as above]

Hearing no more check-ins I will proceed to close the net.
Paulding Amateur radio club meets every second Thursday of the month at the Masonic lodge in Hiram at 7:30 PM       Also check out our web page at or .com for more information.